Bagnskleiv Tunnel

The Challenge

Statens Vegvesen faced a critical challenge in ensuring safer and more predictable traffic flow along the vital E16 route in Norway, particularly with the construction of the new 4.3 km long Bagnskleiv tunnel. The rugged mountainous terrain and harsh weather conditions demanded surveillance solutions that could operate reliably in demanding environments. Moreover, seamless integration with multiple monitoring systems was imperative to enhance overall traffic management and safety along the route.

Staten vegvesen -SVV was looking for:

  • A comprehensive solution providing real-time incident detection and smooth coordination with existing tunnel SCADA systems.
  • Reliable surveillance solutions capable of operating under harsh weather conditions and rugged terrain.
Project details

End user: Staten vegvesen -SVV

Partner: Hatteland and Guard

 Klossbøle Norway

December 2019

The Solution

In response to the challenge, Statens Vegvesen partnered with Guard Automation, who in turn collaborated with Sprinx’s Nordic partner, Hatteland Technology, to deploy an innovative solution. Leveraging Sprinx’s Automatic Incident Detection (AID) platform,, the system integrated 80 Hanwha Vision cameras with advanced AID software based on 3D tracking technology and Modbus communication protocol. This integration ensured seamless connectivity with the tunnel’s SCADA system, enabling real-time detection of various incidents such as stopped vehicles, queues, wrong-way drivers, pedestrians, and smoke. The robust technical setup provided by Hatteland Technology facilitated the efficient functioning of the surveillance system in the challenging tunnel environment.

The Result
  • Enhanced safety along the E16 route through real-time incident detection and swift responses to incidents.
  • Improved traffic flow efficiency by minimizing potential risks and disruptions.
  • Successful deployment of an innovative surveillance solution set a new standard for automatic incident detection systems in Norway.
  • Exemplified successful collaboration between government agencies, technology providers, and system integrators in enhancing transportation safety and efficiency.