To collect and aggregate all alarms and statistical data

Centralized management and visualization software platform for Sprinx video analytics systems.

DRAGON is a software platform that collects and aggregates all the alarms and statistical data generated by multiple network-connected devices equipped with Sprinx video analytics software into a single database.
It provides a single web interface to operators for monitoring the entire system.

Dragon gallery view with our traffic monitoring system,
Web User Interface

The Dragon web user interface allows displaying the list of alarms, including the snapshot of the event and the video sequence related to the event itself. Operators can browse and search for the events using different filtering options.

On the Event Journal, page operators can manually tag the alarms as true or false. This feature allows the creation of effortlessly detailed reports of the entire system.

Dragon event dashboard, traffic management system by
Sprinx Dashboard

The dashboard allows graphically displaying the number and type of events detected and their distribution on the different cameras.

The Dragon dashboard also includes a comprehensive section with clear graphs and charts of the traffic data (for example, vehicle counting and traffic density).

Dragon multi connector for traffic management,
Multi-Connect asset

The Dragon platform allows the control of all network-connected Sprinx video analytics systems in a unified way and configures them using a centralized workstation.

Key Features
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Failover Configuration Management
DRAGON manages Failover servers to ensure 24/7 operations of the video analytics servers
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Data Aggregation
A single web interface for monitoring the entire system
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Easy Integration
Integration with 3rd party systems (VMS et SCADA)
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Alarms Management
Operators can manually tag the alarms as true or false creating detailed reports of the entire system