Centralized management and visualization software platform

for Sprinx video analytics systems

Dragon V allows to simultaneously concentrate of all events, statistical data and system alarms generated by the different video analytics platforms and to interface them with third-party systems:

  • Centralized management of the configuration of the individual Sprinx platforms connected
  • Unified graphical representation of the connected Sprinx systems
  • Single communication gateway


Discover the new version of dragon 

Welcome to the new dragon V!

A new release: easy to understand, easy to use for an improved user experience.

Key Features
Failover Configuration Management
DRAGON manages Failover servers to ensure 24/7 operations of the video analytics servers
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Data Aggregation
A single web interface for monitoring the entire system
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Easy Integration
Integration with 3rd party systems (VMS et SCADA)
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Alarms Management
Operators can manually tag the alarms as true or false creating detailed reports of the entire system