People counting & traffic monitoring

Combining artificial intelligence and a user-friendly interface, co.exist offers people counting and traffic event detection in smart cities and public areas.

Co.exist is a server-side solution that detects incidents in real-time allowing a quick response.

The use of existing CCTV systems allows to exploit and transform video surveillance cameras into multifunction sensors, capable of providing alarms in case of anomalous situations but also of monitoring the progress of individual behavior, always in compliance with the Privacy regulations.

Key Detections
  • Stopped Vehicle
  • Slowdown & Queue
  • Pedestrian
  • Slow/Fast Vehicle
  • Lane Change
  • Class detection
  • Proximity
  • Crowd
  • Fire detection
  • Illegal Dumping of garbage
  • Vehicle Counting
  • Vehicle Classification
  • Average Speed
  • People Counting
  • Buildings
  • Public Areas
  • Cities
  • Intersections
Co.exist is a social distancing sotware developed by
Web User Interface

Web dashboard to visualize clear graphs of the traffic data and to navigate through the event journal with the snapshot and the video of each alarm.


Co.exist is a social distancing software that helps to avoid crowded areas

By leveraging powerful Deep Neural Networks, co.exist analyses video streams in real-time to track pedestrians, classify vehicles and identify traffic issues.

Key Features
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Artificial Intelligence
Based on AI, it guarantees high detection performance, minimizing the number of false alarms even in challenging environments
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Onboard Camera
Installable directly onboard the Open Platform video cameras major CCTV manufacturers on the market
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Hardware Agnostic
Compatible with any IP camera or video encoder that supports RTSP video streaming protocol. This scheme facilitates system maintainability while enabling limitless evolution
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Easy Configuration
Save timing setup
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CPU only
The AI inference engine based on Intel OpenVINO does not require any additional hardware or GPU