San Giovanni Hospital

The Challenge

Hospital San Giovanni Pilot, started in May 2020, aims to address the needs of the hospital, by helping them prevent the spread of COVID-19 and ensure a safe environment for all visitors.

Hospital San Giovanni was looking for:

  • a reliable software solution to help them quickly detect and respond to overcrowded areas.
  • a way to support security operators so they could take quick decisions whenever areas became overcrowded.
  • a people counting solution at the main entrances and exits to help manage occupancy in real-time.
Project details

End user: Hospital San Giovanni in Rome

Industry SegmentHealthcare

Rome Italy

May 2020

The Solution
co.exist by Sprinx

Installed on optimized Intel-based servers for computer vision applications, co.exist uses the hospital’s existing video surveillance cameras to detect overcrowding. It’s fully integrated with XProtect® Smart Client so the hospital’s security operators can easily set up triggers based on the number of people present at any given time. When the threshold is reached, an alarm automatically pops up in the XProtect Alarm Manager notifying the operator. co.exist is also integrated with audio devices so audio alerts are automatically triggered to inform hospital visitors that social distancing is being violated and they should leave the area.

Social distancing software installed in Rome, at San Giovanni Hospital
The Result
Social distancing software in public area,
  • This powerful solution eliminates the need for security operators to continuously monitor the area—they’re immediately informed and can quickly respond when incidents such as overcrowding occur.
  • As well as detecting events and triggering alarms, the solution also collects data for valuable insights and smarter decision-making. For instance, it can identify ways to improve traffic flow and reduce the response time and use of emergency vehicles. And, it can determine if a vehicle is blocking an emergency entrance or exit.
  • Featuring an intuitive dashboard, co.exist ensures operators have fast, easy access to all the data collected, such as historical data and statistical graphs for business intelligence.