Ente Autonomo Volturno

The Challenge

EAV Pilot, started in May 2020, help to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in public transport and ensure a safe environment for all citizens.

EAV was looking for:

  • Guarantee the continuous and safe provision of city services, not suspended in spite of the pandemic and in accordance with the law
Project details

End user: ENTE AUTONOMO VOLTURNO (EAV) (since 1889)

Industry SegmentPublic Transportation

Naples Italy

May 2020

The Solution
co.exist by Sprinx

They used IP cameras with security and video framing, adapted to detect gatherings, non-respect for distance, and to count entrances ensuring compliance with legal limits.

It is a system interfaced with XProtect Milestone through plug in ‘analytics events’, and plug in ‘smart search and events journal’, developed by Sprinx in partnership with Milestone.

These tools, integrated into Milestone, allow the operator to see all the data collected by opening only a dashboard (e.g. historical data, statistical data graphs for business intellingence), easier and faster.

Co. exist is a long-term investment, it has allowed the solution in the short term for the pandemic, but the same technology, once the pandemic is over, will allow you to intelligently manage mobility (e.g. alerts to block entries; predictive statistic data, change number of trains to ensure smooth service) or using to do business intelligence service (staff shift management).

Social distancing software and people counter at train station, Sprinx.ai
The Result
social distancing detection software by Sprinx.ai
  • Performance adequate to ensure timely management of compliance with anti-covid regulations during pandemics.
  • Improvement of internal planning for fluid mobility management.
  • Use for other purposes than just pandemics. Growing product with many features and just need to update software to have additional functions that can only be integrated via software, not necessary to work on hardware.
  • Cost optimization of equipment, using the same technology for different purposes.