Spiralen Tunnel

The Challenge

The Spiralen Tunnel in Drammen, Norway, is famous for its spiral shape and troll statues, serving both as a route and a tourist attraction. However, the design causes traffic issues, especially with slow-moving tractors in winter for snow removal and salt dispersal. These tractors often lead to congestion and safety risks. A solution was needed to efficiently monitor and manage traffic for safe, smooth passage.

SVV was looking for:

  • AI-based video analytics software to manage the traffic dynamically, ensuring minimum congestion and safety maintenance.
  • Detecting the presence of tractors within the tunnelduring the winter season of heavy snowfall.
Project details

End user: Staten vegvesen – SVV (Norwegian Public Roads Administration)

Partner: Hatteland and Tratec

Drammen Norway

June 2021

The Solution

To address this challenge, Sprinx implemented their advanced traffix.ai software platform. This state-of-the-art system was specifically designed to detect the presence of tractors within the tunnel. By using a combination of 3d object tracking and artificial intelligence, traffix.ai could identify tractors in real-time and alert traffic management authorities. The system provided data on tractor presence in the tunnel and potential impact on traffic flow, allowing for timely interventions. This proactive approach enabled the tunnel operators to manage the traffic dynamically, ensuring that congestion was minimized, and safety was maintained.

The Result
  • Significant improvements in traffic management within the Spiralen Tunnel: smoother flow of traffic and reduced instances of congestion.
  • Real-time detection of tractors allowed for immediate actions, such as adjusting traffic signals or providing real-time alerts to drivers.
  • Increased safety in the tunnel by mitigating the risk of accidents involving slow-moving tractors.