Žilina and Ovčiarsko Tunnels

The Challenge

The construction of the Žilina (690 meters) and Ovčiarsko (2,360 meters) tunnels, featuring dual tunnel tubes with two lanes each, posed significant engineering and safety challenges on Slovakia’s most critical east-west motorway corridor. Ensuring robust safety measures within these tunnels was paramount, especially given the high volume of heavy vehicle traffic. The need for a reliable and integrated system to manage incidents and maintain seamless operation was crucial to safeguard the infrastructure and its users.

Národná diaľničná spoločnosť was looking for:

  • Safety and incident detection: Ensure the highest levels of safety within the tunnels, especially given the high transit of heavy vehicles.
  • System integration and reliability: Implement a robust, integrated system capable of automatic incident detection and seamless operation with the tunnel SCADA systems to ensure reliable tunnel management and safety protocols.
Project details

End user: Národná diaľničná spoločnosť (NDS)

Partner: Gemtech and ADTS – Siemens

 Žilina Slovakia

December 2020

The Solution

To address these challenges, a comprehensive safety and incident detection system was deployed, combining advanced technologies from multiple partners. ADTS, in collaboration with Siemens, contracted the implementation of the Sprinx Automatic Incident Detection (AID) solutions through Gemtech, Sprinx’s Slovakian partner. The solution included the installation of 127 Hanwha Techwin cameras linked to the Sprinx servers, utilizing the AID software platform, traffix.ai. This platform integrates with the Siemens tunnel SCADA system via the OPC communication protocol, enabling full system integration. Additionally, thermal cameras were placed at the entrances and exits of the tunnels to ensure optimal performance in poor weather conditions, providing crucial data even during snow, fog, or rain. The system architecture was fortified with a fail-over configuration using the dragon, Sprinx’s centralized management platform, enhancing the robustness and reliability of the entire setup. The implementation was further supported by ADR technology to detect and track dangerous goods entering the tunnels, thereby improving the emergency response process. This integration has significantly bolstered safety measures, reaffirming the effectiveness of the Sprinx AID solution for the Slovakian National Road Authority.

The Result
  • Enhanced safety: the implementation of the Sprinx AID system has significantly improved safety within the Žilina and Ovčiarsko tunnels, ensuring rapid detection and response to incidents.
  • Reliable operation: the fail-over configuration and robust integration with the Siemens SCADA system have ensured continuous, reliable operation of the incident detection system.
  • Streamlined emergency response: ADR technology, integrated with AID events, has enabled better tracking of potential hazards and streamlined the activation of rescue processes during incidents, thereby reducing response times.
  • Recognition by National Authority: the successful deployment and operation of the system have positioned the Sprinx AID solution as a reference standard for the Slovakian National Road Authority, underlining its effectiveness and reliability in critical infrastructure projects