Sprinx TRAFFIX – “End of Life” Announcement

The AID software platform, version TRAFFIX, is formally in “End of Life” (EOL) from 1st April 2021.

Based on Computer Vision technology, TRAFFIX’s software platform version is no longer officially on the Sprinx Price List.

The licenses can be purchased until 31/12/2021 only to carry out extensions of existing systems (i.e. with TRAFFIX software already in production).

Furthermore, up to 31/12/2021, it is allowed, through the purchase of a specific license, to upgrade to TRAFFIX (where it is not possible to upgrade to traffix.ai) only systems where the SX-TRAFFIC software platform (version 2.x) is still present, replaced in 2016 by the TRAFFIX version, and for which no maintenance and support service is available anymore.

From 01/01/2022, TRAFFIX will pass into “End of Maintenance “(EOM).

The support service will continue to be provided until 30/06/22 in “Best of effort” mode.

Sprinx offers an upgrade license to the latest version based on Artificial Intelligence, traffix.ai, which allows you to improve the AID system to the latest version currently marketed by Sprinx, based on the most innovative and modern deep learning and 3D object tracking technologies. Don’t hesitate to contact Sprinx to learn more about that.