Sprinx TRAFFIX.AI release 3.x – “End of Life” Announcement

TRAFFIX.AI software platform, in its release 3.x is formally in “End of Life” (EOL) from 31/12/2021.

The software product is, therefore, no longer officially on the Sprinx Price List, and the licenses can be purchased until 31/12/2023 only to carry out extensions of existing systems (i.e. with TRAFFIX.AI 3.x software already in production).

Starting from 30/04/2022, TRAFFIX.AI 3.x will reach its “End of Maintenance” (EOM).

The support service will continue to be provided until 31/12/22 in “Best of Effort” mode.

Sprinx offers an upgrade license to the latest release of traffix.ai available. Don’t hesitate to contact Sprinx to learn more about that.