Sprinx TRAFFIC APP – “End of Life” Announcement

Based on Computer Vision technology, the TRAFFIC APP software platform is formally in “End of Life” (EOL) from 31/03/2022, except for existing contracts that provide longer terms.

This version is replaced by the new platform traffix.ai, available for both server-side and on-board AI Open Platform cameras (please refer to the list of cameras validated and certified by Sprinx in force).

The software product is, therefore, no longer officially on the Sprinx Price List, and the licenses can be purchased until 31/12/2022 only to carry out existing contracts, subject to Sprinx’s approval.

Starting from 30/09/2022 TRAFFIC APP will reach its “End of Maintenance” (EOM).

The support service will continue to be provided until 31/12/2022 in “Best of Effort” mode, except for existing contracts that provide longer terms.

Consequently, the above communication also applies to the Gecko software platform, which performs both the function of a simplified and centralized display interface and communication gateway for the TRAFFIC APP.

Sprinx offers an upgrade license to the latest version based on Artificial Intelligence, traffix.ai, which allows you to improve the AID system to the latest version currently marketed by Sprinx, based on the most innovative and modern deep learning and 3D object tracking technologies. Don’t hesitate to contact Sprinx to learn more about that.