Sprinx traffix.ai and co.exist onboard Hanwha Vision AI cameras

The traffix.ai and co.exist software applications compatible with Hanwha Vision AI cameras strictly require the use of specific firmware versions.

Here below, the compatible Hanwha Vision AI cameras’ firmware versions:

  • PNB-A9001                 2.11.10_20220519_R455
  • PNO-A9081R              2.11.10_20220519_R614
  • PNB-A6001                 2.11.03_20220519_R201
  • PNO-A6081R              2.11.03_20220519_R216

Therefore, Sprinx asks you not to update the latest firmware version (2.2x) available on the Hanwha Vision websites.

Sprinx is at your disposal and will inform you when traffix.ai and co.exist software applications will be compatible with the new firmware versions.