Sprinx establishes Smart City solutions in České Budějovice

Sprinx continues to contribute to the development of smart cities through its dedicated solutions. One of our proudest achievements is our involvement in the transformation of České Budějovice, a city in Southern Bohemia with immense Smart City potential.

České Budějovice is strategically positioned as the natural center of the entire region, attracting education, employment, and business. It is the largest city in terms of population in Southern Bohemia and serves as the regional capital. The city benefits from significant financial capital and human resources, bolstered by its context and organizations. Additionally, it hosts a large number of organizations and institutions, and offers a comprehensive range of public services.

Sprinx is proud to have contributed to this initiative with our video analytics software co.exist, which monitors urban mobility using more than 100 server-side cameras. Our intelligent video solution not only counts and classifies vehicles but also detects stopped vehicles within intersections and identifies potential traffic jams.

All mobility data are accessible through the Sprinx dragon platform. This platform enables continuous monitoring of the traffic conditions and provides dashboards and reports that help in planning city mobility more efficiently and sustainably.

Additionally, Sprinx’s global technological partnership with Genetec ensures seamless integration of traffic data from Sprinx with the surveillance and monitoring systems used in the city control room.

This project was made possible through our valuable partnership with the distributor Gemtech and its system integrators Abbas and Swarco Traffic CZ. Together, we are helping to shape the future of smart cities, and České Budějovice is a shining example of what can be achieved.

Stay tuned for more updates on our smart city initiatives and the positive impacts they bring to communities worldwide.