Milestone Xperience Days // 3rd October 2023, Milan – 27th November 2023, Paris

Sprinx, a trusted technological partner within the Milestone System ecosystem, is thrilled to announce our participation in the highly anticipated Xperience Days in both Milan and Paris. These extraordinary events bring together industry professionals and experts, providing a unique platform for the exchange of innovative ideas and cutting-edge concepts.

“Derived from its Latin etymology, the term “Xperience” embodies the essence of Sprinx as an innovative company, constantly striving to pursue and experiment with brand-new possibilities for the ITS market” – says Paola A. M. Clerici, co-founder and VP of Sales Sprinx – “Moreover, it symbolizes the paramount importance of User Experience, as we continuously enhance end-users’ journey through the seamless integration of intelligent data”

Aligned with Milestone’s passion, attitude and commitment, Sprinx is excited to showcase the remarkable benefits of immersing oneself in an engaging environment. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to demonstrate the groundbreaking technologies that drive smarter, safer, and more sustainable mobility in both city and highway environments.

Join us on these momentous days as we celebrate the unparalleled power of collaboration and the limitless possibilities that lie ahead.

Together, let us embark on a journey towards a future where innovation knows no bounds.