Intertraffic Amsterdam: the history of Sprinx booths #2

We continue to let’s go over the history of the Sprinx stands, looking at 2018 one: ‘the SprinxLab

The aim of the second project, at the Intertraffic Amsterdam 2018, was to convey a strong image that reflected the Company’s essence.

2017 2
© photo Simone Furiosi

The project put the human being at the center of the production system, the real added value, different from the other competitors.

The set-up offers the “visitors” a stunning view of the Sprinx world and celebrates the Sprinx technology; the perspective makes the craftsmanship visible by simulating a laboratory scenario.

2016 2 1
© photo Simone Furiosi

The choice of the materials and the few particularly iconic furniture, with all the installation, gives an extraordinarily emotional and not didactic state.

The project is developed within a rectangular space of 36 square meters. The grit floor simulates the moon’s surface and hosts the design elements. The three workstations are installed in a wall system that embraces the space and acts as a laboratory; the wall linearity is broken by an inclined partition which lets people flow easily into the area; On the left side, they will see the reception: a composition, in the center of the space, formed by two parallelepipeds, different in colours and sizes. Finally, a small meeting room is emphasized by the brand’s green colour on the right.

2017 1
© photo Simone Furiosi

The project combines a variety of materials in a game of contrast: from softened to solid, from organic to artificial, from transparent to opaque, with the ultimate aim of creating a colour palette that can best reflect the company’s essence.

2017 3 1
© photo Simone Furiosi

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Project and Art Direction: A I M Studio