Intertraffic Amsterdam: the history of Sprinx booths #1

Intertraffic Amsterdam (29 March – 1 April) is upon us, and Sprinx will participate with a brand new stand

As the key industry event in traffic management, road safety, and smart mobility, Intertraffic caters to a global community. 90% of the exhibitors are international, and in 2018, the last edition before COVID, visitors originated from 140 countries.

In the 2022 edition, Sprinx will be present with a 64 sqm stand (number 05.313) designed to welcome visitors and show the latest of 2022.

Since the first edition in which Sprinx participated, the booths represented the company’s values and philosophy.
Let’s go over the history of the Sprinx stands together, waiting to find out what the mood of Intertraffic 2022 will be!

In 2016 the first stand named ‘SprinXperience‘, was conceived as a symbol of multitasking design: architecture, art direction, and communication.

© photo Simone Furiosi

SprinXperience was an installation with substantial iconic and experimental value, developed through specific keywords: communicating, surprising and innovating.

The graphic/computer language that characterizes the company’s technology has been reinterpreted, creating a complex architecture inspired by the ephemeral world of algorithms.

The work consisted of a series of aluminum cubes of three different sizes and two different compositions (solid and wireframe) that gravitated floating and suspended around a central element, which was the beating heart of the installation. This object represented the company’s core business, internally a video was projected and duplicated to infinity thanks to a mirroring game that covered all facets of the structure. This structure reminded the language of software and the pixels of programming.

2018 1
© photo Simone Furiosi

The direct experience of the space was a fundamental component: the installation appeared different from every point of view, at every moment, and for every spectator, immersed in a surreal scenario made with walls of diamond foam that cancel the spatiality of the setting.
Thanks to a secondary structure inspired by a kiosk, the space found its compositional fullness. In this place, the Italian origins were highlighted by the rite of coffee and daily life, and this became the focal point of contact between supply and demand.

2018 2
© photo Simone Furiosi

Stay tuned for the next updates!

Project and Art Direction: A I M Studio