Sa Mola Tunnel

The Challenge

The Sa Mola Tunnel in the Balearic Islands near Palma de Maiorca, is essential for local commuters and tourists. It faces challenges in traffic safety and efficiency due to high vehicle volume, varying traffic patterns, and occasional incidents. The growing reliance on this infrastructure necessitates a robust traffic management solution to ensure smooth operations and enhance safety.

The Consell insular de Mallorca was looking for:

  • Detecting incidents and efficient traffic flow managementto ensure a safe journey to both local citizens and tourists
  • Collecting valuable statistical data to inform future infrastructure improvements
Project details

End user: Consell insular de Mallorca

Partner: Casmar and Acisa

Mallorca Spain

December 2020

The Solution

To address these challenges, Sprinx, in collaboration with the local partner Casmar and the system integrator ACISA, deployed the software platform in the Sa Mola Tunnel. This innovative solution leverages advanced AI and 3D object tracking technology to provide automatic incident detection and comprehensive traffic monitoring. Integrated seamlessly with the Hanwha Vision VMS platform, Wave, Sprinx offers real-time analysis and scheduled reports on traffic events and mobility data. This powerful combination of technologies allows for prompt detection of incidents, efficient traffic flow management, and the collection of valuable statistical data to inform future infrastructure improvements.

The Result
  • Reduced response times to accidents and disruptions thanks to AID capabilities significantly enhancing the overall safety.
  • Detailed traffic reports and mobility data which have provided authorities with crucial insights into traffic patterns, facilitating better planning and decision-making. As a result, both locals and tourists now experience a smoother, safer journey through the tunnel, contributing to the region's reputation as a premier travel destination while ensuring its infrastructure can support future growth and increased traffic demands.