City of České Budějovice

The Challenge

České Budějovice, the largest city in Southern Bohemia and a key regional hub for education, employment, and business, faced significant challenges in managing urban mobility. The city needed to address growing traffic congestion and improve overall transportation efficiency to sustain its economic and social activities.

České Budějovice municipality was looking for:

  • A comprehensive traffic monitoring and analysis system to enhance urban mobility management.
  • Seamless integration with existing city surveillance and control room systems for a unified monitoring experience.
Project details

End user: Municipality of České Budějovice

Partner: Gemtech, Abbas and Swarco Traffic CZ

České Budějovice, Czech Republic


The Solution

Sprinx, in partnership with distributor Gemtech and system integrators Abbas and Swarco Traffic CZ, implemented an advanced traffic analysis and monitoring system in České Budějovice using our cutting-edge video analytics software, co.exist. The system utilizes over 100 server-side Hanwha Vision cameras strategically placed throughout the city to monitor and analyse urban mobility. Key features of the solution include vehicle counting and classification, detection of stops within intersections, and identification of potential traffic jams. All collected mobility data are accessible via the Sprinx dragon platform, which offers continuous monitoring, detailed dashboards, and reports to aid in efficient and sustainable city planning. Additionally, our global technological partnership with Genetec enabled seamless integration of Sprinx traffic data with the city’s surveillance and monitoring systems, ensuring a cohesive and comprehensive traffic management solution.

The Result
  • Significant improvement in traffic flow and reduction in congestion., making citizens' daily trips safer and smarter.
  • Enhanced decision-making capabilities for city planners through detailed mobility data and analytics.
  • Increased safety and efficiency in urban transportation management.
  • Strengthened the city's infrastructure, paving the way for further smart city developments.