SVV Press Release: Artificial Intelligence Increases Tunnel Safety

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration (SVV) has released a press statement regarding the recent tests carried out in the Skansen tunnel. They express their great satisfaction and support for the results achieved through Sprinx’s advanced AI-based AID technology.

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Automation engineer Marius Opheim and VTS operator Erling Drangsholt in the Norwegian Public Roads Administration have recently carried out a pilot project on the use of AI for automatic incident notification in public transport. 706 Skansen tunnel in Trondheim. Photo: Camilla Westvik

The successful test of Sprinx’s AID system,, in the Skansen tunnel, marks a significant milestone in the realm of tunnel safety. The tests conducted by Statens Vegvesen (SVV) have showcased the immense potential of artificial intelligence in improving performance and providing motorway operators with a reliable and efficient AID system, even with existing CCTV cameras, in challenging weather and environmental conditions.

Sprinx has long been committed to investing in extensive research and development, aiming to harness the power of AI to revolutionize traffic management. This recent accomplishment serves as a testament to Sprinx’s unwavering dedication and expertise in the field.

By leveraging AI technology, Sprinx’s AID system has proven its ability to enhance tunnel safety, ensuring a seamless flow of traffic and minimizing the risk of accidents. The system’s advanced capabilities enable it to adapt to the unique challenges posed by Norway’s demanding landscape, making it a valuable asset for motorway operators across the country. Furthermore, the AID system can be improved in an adaptive and sustainable way by utilizing standard video surveillance cameras, including those already installed. Besides simplifying the implementation process, this eliminates the need to install additional sensors in the tunnel for AID purposes, such as radar or thermal cameras. These sensors are expensive investments and do not provide visual feedback to control room operators in case of incident detection. Therefore, using standard video surveillance cameras saves costs and ensures operators have a comprehensive visual response to detected incidents.

Sprinx’s innovative approach to traffic solutions has garnered widespread recognition, and the endorsement from SVV further solidifies its position as an industry leader, confirming the added value of Sprinx’s strategic partnership with Hatteland Technology in the Norwegian market. The company’s commitment to pushing boundaries and delivering state-of-the-art AI-based systems has set a new standard for tunnel safety.

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