Strengthening our partnership: Sprinx and GoTech in Brazil

At Sprinx, we understand that working internationally involves more than just identifying sales opportunities. Finding the right local partners requires evaluating strategic alignment, operational management capabilities, and, most importantly, shared company values and vision.

These elements are critical for the success of any collaboration, whether for large-scale or smaller projects, and ultimately benefit our end customers.


Since 2022, we have been proud to partner with GoTech as our local distributor in Brazil. This partnership has allowed us to navigate the vast Brazilian market, a country known for its strategic embrace of new technologies and significant investments in AI initiatives to drive innovation and efficiency. Brazil’s AI ecosystem is thriving, with numerous startups, large corporations, research centers, incubators, and innovation hubs emerging nationwide.

Our collaboration with GoTech is a natural fit, given Sprinx’s expertise in developing software based on artificial intelligence and deep learning. We are especially proud to work with the entire Gotech team, starting with Gabriel Inocencio, who bring an in-depth understanding of the local market’s needs along with the skills, connections, and resources essential for successful project execution.

Two years into our partnership, we are delighted with the progress we have made. The extensive training in Sprinx solutions and our joint efforts to promote innovative traffic analysis solutions have significantly increased the recognition of the Sprinx brand in Brazil. As part of our growth strategy in this market, Sprinx and GoTech will be showcasing our solutions at the Bienal das Rodovias, the premier national event for the motorway and ITS sector. We are excited to present our projects, such as the one in Taguatinga and others slated for delivery between Q3 and Q4.

Brazil remains a key focus for Sprinx, and with GoTech’s support, we are committed to further investment and growth in this market. Our solutions are not only designed for tunnels but also for open-air environments, seamlessly integrating with PTZ cameras and various network camera systems. Sprinx stands out not only for its field-proven AI technology but also for its adaptability and integration capabilities with existing video surveillance infrastructure.