Milano Living Lab: innovating urban mobility with Sprinx’s co.exist

We are excited to announce that Sprinx has been selected by A2A Illuminazione Pubblica and A2A Smart City for an innovative SmartCity project: the groundbreaking Milano Living Lab. This initiative represents a new form of “public-private-citizen partnership” where citizens, businesses, researchers, and public administrations collaborate to develop innovative solutions for urban mobility.

Milano Living Lab aims to enhance the quality of life in Milan by addressing the challenges of urban mobility through cutting-edge technology and collaborative efforts. Sprinx has been chosen for its AI-based co.exist solution designed to improve urban mobility and provide valuable data for informed decision-making.

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Sprinx’s co.exist solution is pivotal to the success of Milano Living Lab, offering comprehensive capabilities including vehicle counting and classification, stop detection, traffic density monitoring, and pedestrian detection. These features are crucial for understanding and optimizing the flow of traffic and enhancing pedestrian safety in Milan.

Our co.exist solution is deployed on Axis onboard cameras, ensuring precise and reliable data collection. Additionally, the integration with the dragon platform allows for seamless visualization and analysis of the gathered data, enabling stakeholders to make data-driven decisions. Furthermore, dragon enables the integration of all information processed by the analysis systems onboard the cameras with the central Business Intelligence and Data Visualization platform of the City of Milan, developed by the University, Politecnico of Milan.

The co.exist package, part of AI-based video analytics suite, provides detection features tailored to meet the specific needs of urban environments. By leveraging this innovative technology, Milano Living Lab is set to revolutionize the way we approach urban mobility, making Milan a model city for smart mobility solutions.

Sprinx is proud to be a part of this transformative project, contributing to a smarter, safer, and more efficient urban mobility landscape. Together with our partners we are paving the way for a future where technology and collaboration drive sustainable urban development.