Sprinx DRAGON v.4 – “End of Life” Communication

The DRAGON software platform in its version 4.x will be formally in “End of Life” (EOL) from 31/12/2022.

This version is replaced by the new Dragon V, with a brand-new design and an even better user experience.

The software product is, therefore, no longer officially on the Sprinx Price List, and the licenses can be purchased until 30/06/2024 only to carry out extensions of existing systems (ie with DRAGON 4.x software already in production) or in case of special agreements with Sprinx for specific projects.

Starting from 31/12/2023, DRAGON 4.x will reach its “End of Maintenance” (EOM), unless otherwise agreed with Sprinx

The support service will continue to be provided until 30/09/2024 in “Best of Effort” mode.

Sprinx offers the possibility to upgrade Dragon 4.x to the latest version, Dragon V. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Sprinx to learn more about that.