The Challenge

The solution enables remote monitoring while improving operational efficiency.

SE BPNL were looking for:

  • modernization of the existing system, traffic analysis software and video surveillance through 200 cameras, positioned outdoors and in tunnels
  • minimizing service suspension times in order to not create inconvenience to city traffic and operators.
Project details

End user: SE BPNL – Société D’exploitation Du Boulevard Périphérique Nord De Lyon

Partner – Bouygues Energies & Services

 Lyon France

March – April 2020

The Solution
First Phase

Using the second stream of the existing old video encoders connected to analogue cameras, the new Sprinx Deep-Learning based AID system was deployed, keeping it parallel to the old one. It was possible to quickly deploy an equally efficient, tested system that guaranteed the same and better performance as the system in use, using the existing old cameras.

Second phase

The existing old system was shut down in favor of the new one by Sprinx, and the cameras were replaced with new generation IP cameras, without suspension of traffic monitoring and services to citizens.

BNPL, traffic monitoring project by in France
Traffic management system in tunnel,
Traffic monitoring system in tunnel, BNPL France
The Result
Man In Control Room Looking At Cctv Footage
  • Avoiding the total suspension of the service, thanks to the innovative combination of 3D object tracking and Deep Learning technology, which allowed a quick configuration and calibration on the new cameras.
  • Total integration of the Sprinx System with Milestone Xprotect VMS, thanks to Add-ons and Plug-ins developed by Sprinx, optimizing and improving the activities of control room operators.
  • Having in one system, additional functions for predictive and counting purposes, that allowed the replacement of pre-existing sensors (at a high maintenance cost), saving time and economic investment.
  • Use of standard PCs, camera agnostic