SPV – Pedemontana Veneta Highway

The Challenge

The need for a motorway between Vicenza and Treviso arose in the 1970s due to urbanization, and increased traffic followed the EU's eastern expansion in the 1990s. Construction of the Pedemontana Veneta (SPV) toll highway began in 2011. The 2.6-billion-euro project faced challenges such as bridging several rivers, including a 430-meter bridge over the Brenta. The highway also includes two natural tunnels and 33 artificial ones, the longest being six kilometers.

SPV was looking for:

  • AI-based video analytics software to keep the highway moving smoothly and safely
  • Data on traffic volumes and average speedsto monitor the traffic flow
Project details

End user: SPV – Pedemontana Veneta

Partner: Pagano and SIS

Veneto, Italy


The Solution

The systems integrators SIS scpa and Pagano Spa worked together to install 600 cameras along the route of the SPV, utilizing Hanwha Vision’s high-resolution Wisenet cameras. The installation also features Hanwha Vision PTZ dome cameras, all managed through a WAVE video management system.

The cameras in the tunnels are integrated with analytics expert Sprinx’s traffix.ai solution. This solution uses deep learning and 3D object tracking technologies to deliver a wide range of server-based analytic functions that increase road users’ safety and provide greater insight into how the highway is being used. These functions include automatically detecting traffic incidents in real-time and immediately alerting the highway’s operators to initiate an emergency response. The system can reliably detect events such as a stopped vehicle or a car traveling the wrong way, which could cause traffic congestion or serious accidents. The solution can also spot and alert operators to smoke in any of the highway’s many tunnels, indicating a traffic incident or a fire. Additionally, the Sprinx software can detect queues of traffic and alert operators to pedestrians who have strayed onto the highway.

The Result
"Together, Sprinx and Hanwha Vision solutions make the Pedemontana Veneta highway safer and help keep traffic flowing."
says Gerardo Capezzuto, Operations Manager of the Superstrada Pedemontana Veneta
  • Comprehensive traffic monitoring tracking of vehicles moving within any camera's field of view and data collection on both lanes of the highway simultaneously and in both travel directions.
  • Rich data collection providing insights into highway usage patterns and records of the types of vehicles using the highway.
  • Traffic analytics capabilities as vehicle counting, traffic density, average speed of vehicles along the road.
  • Integrated information delivery as it is fully integrated with the video management system with an intuitive web user interface.
  • Real-time performance monitoring. The operators can monitor the traffic analytics system performance thanks to real-time report exports via Sprinx dragon management platform.
  • Enhanced efficiency of control room operators' work.